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Easiest Way to Sell Bitcoin to PayPal

guide-on-how-to-sell-bitcoin-to-paypalSell Bitcoin to PayPal? How is this possible?

This is the complete guide to selling your Bitcoin to PayPal with 15% markup and converting your Bitcoins to USD or local currency in your PayPal account.

There are other guides showing how to sell Bitcoins to PayPal, but none of them discuss how to sell at a 15% markup to the current market price of Bitcoin.

This is a great method of cashing out from:

  • Coinbase to PayPal
  • Gdax to PayPal
  • Poloniex to PayPal
  • Kraken to PayPal
  • Offline cold storage wallet to Paypal
  • Bitcoin to bank account – via PayPal

Guide Summary

  1. Go to xCoins
  2. Open an account
  3. Link your xCoins account to PayPal wallet and select your settings for buyers.
  4. Transfer your Bitcoin to your xCoins wallet
  5. Wait for your Bitcoin to be sold – 100% automated by the xCoins, and completely secure
  6. Receive USD or local currency from the Bitcoin sale into your PayPal account

You can then use the funds in your PayPal account as usual, for online purchases or cash out to your bank account.

Steps 1-3 take perhaps 15-20 minutes to complete. Steps 4 -6 are completely automated.

 1. Go to xCoins

xCoins describes itself as a secured P2P Bitcoin lending service. It’s more accurate to describe it as a place to sell Bitcoin at a markup (from the sellers’ point of view)

2. Open an account

Click “sign up” on the top right hand corner:


Fill out your name, email, agree to terms of use and confirm that you’re not a robot:


Copy and paste the email confirmation code, sent to your inbox:


Enter “3fscfw” into the promotional code box (optional):


Enter a password:


Select your country (and state, if necessary):


Enter a phone number.  This is used to confirm withdrawals for security reasons. It’s a very important feature to protect your Bitcoin balance:


3. Link your xCoins account to PayPal wallet and select your settings for buyers.

Select “Lend Bitcoin” in the main menu. Click the green plus icon:


Enter your email address that you use with your PayPal account:


You may need to verify this in your email inbox.

4. Transfer your Bitcoin to your xCoins wallet

Move your mouse cursor over “My Wallet” in the menu, and click “Deposit Bitcoin”. Copy the wallet address (long string of text):


Go to your Bitcoin wallet – you may have Bitcoin at an exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex or an offline wallet on a computer or USB drive. Send a small amount of Bitcoin first to the address you just copied from above, to test that everything works correctly! When the first transaction shows up in the xCoins wallet, feel free to deposit as much as you like.

Note: due to the delays currently being experienced on the Bitcoin blockchain, the deposit will likely take at least 30-40 minutes to appear in your xCoins wallet. This is nothing to do with xCoins, it affects all users of the Bitcoin blockchain. Don’t worry, it will arrive eventually.

Next, you need adjust the settings which affect what kinds of buyers can actually purchase your Bitcoin. Below is a screenshot with my settings, feel free to adjust according to your own risk appetite. Be aware that Rating refers to the number of times a buyer has used xCoins – so 1 = 1 first time buyer (higher potential for PayPal disputes or chargebacks), 2 = second time buyer (much lower risk), and so on.


Steps 5 and 6 – waiting for your Bitcoin to be sold and receiving USD or local currency from the Bitcoin sale into your PayPal account are completely automated.

That’s it! You can also use xCoins to continuously earn passive income with Bitcoin.

How to Export Passwords from Lastpass to KeeWeb or KeePass

I recently became interested in switching away from Lastpass , a password manager that is very convenient, but has some drawbacks for me, for several reasons.

My Requirements

I wanted a password manager that would allow me to:

  • use iOS as well as my desktop PC
  • Utilise an open source project
  • Control where the file containing the list of passwords was stored.

With KeeWeb, you can store locally or in cloud storage like Dropbox or google Drive.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, getting your account names, usernames and passwords out of Lastpass and into KeeWeb is a somewhat complicated process. This guide helps you through this process, step by step.

The Solution

The process involves: exporting the data from Lastpass, cleansing the data in Excel, importing the clean data into KeePass (a free windows password utility), saving the data in a format that KeeWeb recognises, and finally importing the data into KeeWeb.

Step by Step: Cleaning the exported Lastpass data and importing to KeeWeb

According to this help file [], your information must be in this format:

“Account”,”Login Name”,”Password”,”Web Site”,”Comments”

  1. Go into lastpass vault, select export, enter password. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and save as lastpass.txt.
  2. Open Excel. Data tab, From text, select the new text file you just created. Separate by commas, you should see the data split neatly into columns.
  3. Next step is to clean the data. Rename Sheet1 excel tab to “Original Export” and rename Sheet2 to “Clean Export”. We will use Sheet2 to create clean data that KeePass (the utility we use as an intermediate step) will recognise.
  4. Hide all columns except the “url” column
  5. In the cell next to the “url” cell, type in “Valid HTML?” (in my case, cell number H1) and enter this forumla in the cell below it: =(IF(LEFT(A2,4)=”http”,”Y”,”N”)) Drag this formula down the list of URLs, until you come to a point in the spreadsheet where none of the cells in the URL column start with “http” (this is the export of your Lastpass secure notes). With the list of cells still selected, go to the white box on the top left (to the left of the formula bar) where it states the current cell/range, double click it, and type “validTest”. This will quickly allow us to reference this range. This forumla will detect the cells where the value starts of doesn’t start with “http”. This allows us to quickly find the cells where the exported data is in a format that KeePass won’t recognise.
  6. In the cell next to “Valid Html?” type “Non valid count:” (Cell I1 in my case) and in the cell next to that, type “=COUNTIF(validTest,”N”)”. this quickly counts the number of non-valid urls from our overall list.
  7. With the list of cells still highlighted, go to Home tab> Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Equal To > type in “N” (with quotes) and for formatting select “Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text”. This highlights all the broken links in red for us.
  8. On the numbered left column, click row 1, to highlight all the cells. Select Data tab > Filter.
  9. In the column headed by “Valid HTML”, click the dropdown arrow and select only the “Y” checkbox, click OK.
  10. Unhide all the columns
  11. In the “Cleaned Export” sheet, name cells A1-E1 “Account”,”Login Name”,”Password”,”Web Site”,”Comments” respectively.
  12. The order of the columns is different in Lastpass to what KeePass expects. This is the order in Lastpass exported file: url, username, password, extra, name. In case it’s not clear Account=name, Login Name=username, Password=password, Web Site =url, comments=extra. Copy all the (filtered and valid) data from the original sheet to the cleaned sheet. Make sure that you don’t change the order of the rows. Make sure to sort the data into the correct column!
  13. Now Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C all the clean data in the sheet. Open notepad, paste in the text. File> Save As> “lastpass_clean1.csv”. In the file type, select all files.

To be continued…

Bitcoin Trading Bots

Large list of open source and commercial Bitcoin/Altcoin trading bots.

Open source projects



Bitcoin Arbitrage


Rolling bot

Lucky horse

Gekko | Youtube Explainer


Coinbase Orders

Hosted VersionGitHub (self hosted version)BitcoinTalk Thread

Web Site – BitcoinTalk


BitcoinTalk – GitHub

This is an opensource c# trading tool.

R2CT – The Round-Robin Cryptsy Trader


Gekko – a javascript trading bot for nodejs



GitHub – User Manual 

GoxTool can be used with a variety of “strategy” scripts for automated trading

Portfolio Rebalancing Strategy (


prof7bit’s stoploss (optionally trailing stop)


DonaBit’s improved version of prof7bit’s stop loss

GitHub – BitcoinTalk

Aido’s Improved version of prof7bit’s stoploss – Sells Full BTC Balance


piramida’s range trading bot



gweedo’s ‘Open Source bitcoin trading bot’


HAL 10K – PHP Open source Trading bot


Haasonline Simple Trade Bot

WebsiteLitecoin Forum – BitcoinTalk



LiquidBot is a Market Liquidity providing bot for MtGox.

PHP-BTC-e Arbitrage Bot (MadAlpha)





BitcoinTalk Thread


HN Discussion


Academic Research

Trading Psychology – Books to Read
Live Price Data
Historical Data
Generate a 15% Return with Bitcoin in Minutes. Free strategy guide.

Generate Passive Income in 2017: Bitcoin Passive Investment

How does the idea of generating a passive income, involving a relatively small monetary investment, a few minutes of your time per week, and seeing an income stream coming back to you within a day or two of your first investment? Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it’s actually possible, and doesn’t require taking on huge risks or having access to special skills or knowledge.

How? By passively investing with Bitcoin.

The below method is a very effect way of selling Bitcoin to PayPal, and get a 15% markup over the current market price of Bitcoin at the same time.

How does this work?

how does passive bitcoin investment work



  1. Purchase bitcoin on an exchange.
  2. Deposit your newly purchased Bitcoin into a Bitcoin lending service.
  3. Wait for your Bitcoin to be fully lent out (this step is 100% passive).
  4. Re-invest your initial investment, plus the fees you’ve earned, into buying more Bitcoin…
  5. Return to step 1 – lend your initial amount, plus fees, so your investment grows steadily.

As you can see, the process is very simple, and doesn’t take much time: buy Bitcoin, deposit it in a lending service, wait for your funds to be lent out, then take your initial investment plus fees, and use that to buy more Bitcoin, lend it out….and so on! You Bitcoin isn’t released until someone actually sends payment via PayPal, so your funds are fully protected during this process.

By the way, the terms “borrowing” and “lending” Bitcoin are somewhat misleading, is more accurate to say that you are buying Bitcoin at the market rate, and selling it with markup.

What is Bitcoin?
If you are not sure what Bitcoin is, I highly recommend this short introductory video: What is Bitcoin? 
Passive income has been a relatively loosely used term in recent years. Colloquially, it’s been used to define money being earned regularly with little or no effort on the part of the person who’s receiving it.

What is passive income? from Investopedia

Bitcoin is Highly Volatile – How Does this Qualify as “Low Risk Passive Investment”?

The beauty of lending Bitcoin is that you are exposed to very little price volatility because you only own Bitcoins for a short period of time – between the time you purchase the Bitcoin and the time it takes someone to “borrow” them for you on the Bitcoin lending exchange (they pay the market value of the Bitcoin, e.g. $100, plus some fees on top, which is what makes it so attractive for you as an investor). Usually, large Bitcoin price movements take several days or weeks to play out, so you are exposed only to smaller price movements. If you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin on Monday, usually you’d expect to have most of it lent out by Wednesday, with the cash on its way back to you in your PayPal account, ready to be reinvested back into lending out more Bitcoin.

How much can I Make Passively Investing in Bitcoin?

Let’s run through an actual loan to use as an estimate of how much you can make in fees, and plug those numbers into a spreadsheet.

Here is an actual, real-life example from my account:

$50 bitcoin transaction

Using these fees, I plug some hypothetical numbers into a spreadsheet to see what I could make from a $1000 initial investment, which I then loan out ten times (reinvesting all the initial amount plus the fees, so that the investment compounds nicely). I ignore the PayPal transaction fee that’s paid by the buyer, as obviously that part of the payment doesn’t go back into my pocket.

Note: expect most loans to be in the $30-$100 range, you are not going to lend out the entire $1000 at once.

bitcoin passive income p2p lending - return from ten loans

Not bad for just a few minutes per week of your time! By loan 5, we have already more than doubled our initial investment!

How long it takes to loan out your full $1000+ is difficult to say, as it depends on the amount of borrowers at any given moment of time.

Surely There are Some Risks and Drawbacks?

Yes, of course. There is no such thing as a free lunch after all. Apart from the risk that Bitcoin’s price could dramatically shift at very short notice, the other main risk is the fact that you are using PayPal- which in recent years has become riddled with scammers due to their crazy policies that favour buyers over sellers. This means that in the event of a dispute, PayPal will often favour the buyer over the seller (even where blatant fraud has taken place).

You can see the results of buyer disputes in this example from my account, which is the status after several weeks of lending:

bitcoin lending volume

The other main risk is that the buyer can initiate a credit card payback via PayPal, meaning that PayPal will charge you a fee to cover their loss, even if PayPal sides with you in a dispute.

You have to carefully consider these risks before getting involved with Bitcoin lending. Personally, I think the risk is worth it, even if I have to occasionally deal with some annoying borrower who suddenly decided they don’t want their Bitcoin, even though it’s already in their Bitcoin wallet and they decide to complain to PayPal.

What’s in This for Each Person?

  • For you, the lender – you generate a low-risk, low-time commitment side income. How much and how often you invest is 100% your choice – if you need funds back, you can cancel your lending at any time, sell your Bitcoin and cash out.
  • For the borrower – they get to purchase Bitcoin via PayPal, without going through the time and hassle of using a Bitcoin exchange
  • For me, the author of this guide – I make a small referral fee when you sign up to these services – at no cost to you. Also, I enjoy spreading the word about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, so it’s enjoyable for me to bring more people into the world of Bitcoin.

Ok – I’m Interested! How do I do this?

Initial Setup

These steps can take a few days, depending on how smoothly your ID verification is processed with the Bitcoin exchange, how quickly your initial deposit takes, and how much borrowing activity is going on at any give moment. The good news is you only need to do this once.

Step 1. Signup to a Bitcoin exchange. This is where you  buy Bitcoins which you will then lend to someone else. I highly recommend Coinbase* as they’re really easy to use and come highly recommended. You’ll pay a transaction fee for using a credit card to buy Bitcoin, however if you live in a SEPA (Single European Payment Area) country, you can actually deposit your investment without fees. Note that you need a passport or other form of photo ID to open an account with most Bitcoin exchanges.

*Note: if you sign up to Coinbase with this link, you get $10 in free Bitcoin when you buy your first $100 or more worth of Bitcoin from Coinbase!

Step 2. Signup for a PayPal account, if you don’t already have one.

Step 3. Signup to the Bitcoin lending website, this is the service that matches lenders and borrowers of Bitcoin. The service I use is Xcoins.

Ongoing Activities

As outlined above it’s really simple and only involves a few minutes of your time each week:

  1. Buy Bitcoin – 5 minutes or less
  2. Deposit it in the Bitcoin lending service – 1 minute
  3. Wait for your funds to be lent out – can take several hours to several days, depending on the amount you are lending, and the demand at the time. This is 100% hands-off, so no work for you! Personally I like to log in once every few days to check my balance and to check for messages (in case of problems), but how often is completely up to you. You will also receive email notifications regarding your transactions, so you don’t even have to login every time.
  4. Return to step 1! Purchase your initial amount + your 15% profit, and reinvest to steadily increase your profits over time.
UPDATED GUIDE - Generate Passive Income In 2018: Bitcoin Passive Investment

This new, fully updated, 2018 guide contains all of the information from this 2017 guide plus the following additional information:

  • Adjust your account settings to reduce the risk of losing money to fraud
  • Two additional passive income streams
  • Details on how to quickly get started with affiliate income
  • Details on how to quickly get started with crypto lending
  • Yes, take me to the Bitcoin Passive Investment guide for 2018

    Find out why using xCoins is an effective way of cashing out Bitcoin to PayPal.


    Mining Ethereum – How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig

    List of parts:

    AMD R9 280x GPU (buy 1-5 cards)

    Corsair 850W Power Supply Unit (if you add 3 or more cards, you need x2, see PSU below)

    Corsair 750W Power Supply Unit (use this as your second PSU)

    AsRock H81 Pro BTC – motherboard

    Intel Celeron G1840 2.8GHz Processor

    Kingston 8GB RAM (CHECK THIS)


    Kingston 60GB SDD (CHECK)


    Dual PSU adapter

    Power Supply splitter

    PCIe Riser Cables – x1 for each graphics card

    Power button

    Optional extras

    Ethernet Cable – CAT6
    HDMI cable or VGA cable and DVI to VGA adaptor
    Energy monitor – Optional if you want to track how much energy your rig is using
    Cable ties
    Gaffer tape
    Philips head screwdriver
    Open Air DIY Frame



    Complete Guide to Football Streaming and Broadcasting

    Acestream is a P2P application so I would advise you use a VPN, my recommendation is Cyberghost VPN. You can currently get 70% off by purchasing 12 months for $21/€14.99, regular price is $69.99/€49.99

    Streaming Software

    • Sopcast(Windows, OS X, Ubuntu) – popular p2p desktop streaming software Website
    • Acestream(Windows, Mac with workarounds) – Very popular p2p client. Download, guide
    • Flash– the old classic, the latest version comes installed with Chrome Website

    Official Streaming Sources

    Many sites are region locked

    Streaming Sites

    Download and Highlights Sites

    • /r/footballdownload[42] – subreddit dedicated to downloading matches
    • Global– 101greatgoals[43] – instant highlites as GIF’s and flash videos
    • UK– Yahoo[44] – Official Online Premier League Highlights
    • UK– Sun+ Goals (Android)[45] (iOS)[46] – Official Mobile App Premier League Goal Highlights
    • UK– BBC Match Of The Day[47] – MOTD (Saturday) & MOTD2 (Sunday) Premier League Match Highlights
    • UK– BBC The Football League Show[48] – Championship, League 1 & League 2 Match Highlights (Saturday)
    • UK– Sky Sports[49] – Official Online Championship, League 1 & League 2 Match Highlights/Previews


    • Google Chrome[50] – browser with Flash built in
    • uBlock Origin[51] – Block ads and other stuff. Absolutely essential for using visiting streaming sites
    • Recommended VPN:  Cyberghost VPN You should never use free proxies, often they are spyware or open your IP address to unknown parties online.

    Acestream and Sopcast Tutorials

    App Tutorial

    Install them, then go to reddit soccerstreams, choose the match you want to watch, check the comments, and enjoy your game!

    Depending on which software is needed to watch the stream, there are usually two routes:

    • Sopcast – link starts with sop:// – your browser will ask you how to handle this link, choose sopcast. It will open and try to connect to the stream. After it’s buffered it will start playing. It’s usually choppy and not the best looking, so that’s why I use VLC. In Sopcast, go to options, set extrenal player to vlc and every time you connect to a stream you can pause the sopcast playback and then click on the left button [63] – your stream will start playing in VLC, where you can set up filters, deinterlacing, resize window and have a better looking picture overall.
    • ACE Stream – link starts with acestream:// which opens a player similar to VLC and starts playing or it can be a web page with a flash window similar to firstrow, except it uses acestream browser player and the quality is much higher.
    • Flash videos play directly in the browser. Quality is often lower, and the sites are often filled with ads, so this should be your last resort.

    Originally posted to /r/soccer and /u/nikub.

    Live Stream Rugby World Cup 2015 Online – Where and How

    Where to Watch the Rugby World Cup Online


    European Broadcasters

    european rugby broadcasters

    EuroSport Rugby World Cup 2015 Online Streaming Providers

    Original Broadcaster Streaming Provider Link to Stream Countries Available
    Eurosport Sky Go Watch live UK and Ireland only
    Virgin TV Anywhere Watch live UK only
    Horizon Watch live Netherlands only
    Horizon Watch live Ireland only
    Yelo TV Watch live European Broadcasting Union member countries only

    UK Broadcasters

    UK RWC 2015 TV broadcasters

    ITV Rugby World Cup 2015 Online Streaming Providers

    Original Broadcaster Streaming Provider Link to Stream Countries Available
    ITV Watch live ITV regions only
    ITV Player Catch up ITV regions only
    FilmOn Watch live Worldwide
    FilmOn Watch +1 live Worldwide
    TVCatchup Watch live UK only
    Virgin TV Anywhere Watch live UK only
    Sky Go Watch live UK and Ireland only

    Ireland Broadcasters

    Ireland Rugby World Cup 2015 Broadcasters

    TV3 Rugby World Cup 2015 Online Streaming Providers

    Original Broadcaster Streaming Provider Link to Stream Countries Available
     TV3  TV3 Watch live Ireland

    How to Watch the Rugby World Cup Online – Essential Software

    VPN for streaming world cup 2015

    • Use a VPN – Streaming is a legal grey area in some countries. Many of the links above are restricted based on geography (meaning you can only watch ITV within the UK, for example). I recommend Cyberghost VPN to protect your privacy and get around geo-restrictions. It’s a premium service that is well worth paying for.


    • Adblocker – I recommend uBlock Origin. Many streaming sites are plastered with annoying ads. Block them with this software. Free.
    • Livestreamer software. Instead of watching in your browser, you can instead stream to VLC or other media players of your choice. This is for more advanced users, involves using a command line. Free and open source.
    • Acestream. Best quality, HD streams with minimal lag. Here is my guide to setting up Acestream for rugby gamesFree.
    Use Acestream Securely

    Acestream involves using peer-to-peer (P2P) services. Sometimes these are in a legal grey area depending on your geographic location.

    I recommend using cyberghost vpn to use Acestream securely (disclosure: affiliate link. If you liked this guide and found it useful, consider using this link to sign up!)

    You can read about their privacy policies here and a further review here. You can use them on your mobile devices and use their worldwide servers to unblock geo-locked broadcasts from different countries.



    How to Stream Video on Mac with Acestream


    You’ll be streaming in no time.

    Here is a complete list of everything you need to set up Acestream on Mac: where to find good streams, how to correctly copy and paste acestream links and how to fix lagging and buffering.

    Acestream is a P2P application so I would advise you use a VPN, my recommendation is Cyberghost VPN. For more purchasing options, see the green box in the right hand sidebar.

    Setup Acestream on Mac

    Acestream is designed for Windows, so it requires some workarounds to getting it working on a Mac. Luckily, you can follow this fairly straightforward guide in the video below.

    Update December 2015: added video

    It involves installing a media centre application called Kodi, which acts as a front end interface for Acestream, which is the software that does that actual streaming.

    Go to the Kodi downloads, and select “MacOS”.

    Where to Find Rugby Acestream Links (or any sport)

    acestreaming mac home cinema

    No, this isn’t actually rugby.

    Once you have Kodi downloaded and installed, it’s time to find some live streams!

    I am a rugby fan, but you can use this tip for almost any sport you like to watch (e.g. football, tennis, NFL…).

    Step 1: check the rugby match thread on reddit (available on the day of the game). You may find an acestream link there, posted by a user. If not, go to step 2.

    Step 2: Go to Flashscore rugby to find which TV channels are showing the game. Hover over the TV icon on the right to see which channels are showing the game:


    When you have your preferred channel in mind, go to step 3.

    Step 3: find your TV channel on this website. Post any links you find in the Reddit match thread, it’s nice to be nice.

    Tip 1: If you speak a language other than English, sometimes you can get a better stream, as English streams are often in high demand.

    Tip 2: If your stream is giving trouble, look for a stream with a lower bitrate (the number listed in Kbps on the link in step 3.) Higher bitrate, e.g. 3000Kbps = crystal clear HD, but you need a fast internet connection to handle that action! I find lower bitrates perfectly watchable, they are usually ~720p quality.

    Correct Format for Acestream Links

    Make sure you copy and paste the entire acestream link as highlighted below (if you copy only part of the link, it will most likely not work).


    How to Open an Acestream Link in Kodi

    how to open acestream link in kodi

    Fix AceStream Buffering on Mac

    1. Open Kodi.
    2. Right-click the menu item for AceStream in the menu bar at the top of your screen, click “Options”.
    3. Set the live buffer to 30 seconds. This means that our stream is 30 seconds behind the live broadcast. If our connection is poor, the buffer will run out and our stream will lag. If you still have problems with lagging, increase the buffer. If you have a very fast connection, you can try decreasing it so you are closer to the live broadcast.
    4. Disk cache- I set mine to 3 (meaning 3Gb). This is the maximum size that you want Acestream to store the live video on your hard drive.
    5. Go to Advanced settings. Set total maximum connections to 500.

    The steps above are highlighted here:

    increase fix acestream buffering


    Use Acestream Securely

    Acestream involves using peer-to-peer (P2P) services. Sometimes these are in a legal grey area depending on your geographic location.

    I recommend using Cyberghost VPN to use Acestream securely (disclosure: affiliate link. If you liked this guide and found it useful, consider using this link to sign up! More purchase options are in the green box in the right sidebar.)

    You can read about their privacy policies here and a further review here. You can use them on your mobile devices and use their worldwide servers to unblock geo-locked content from different countries.


    4 Sites to Download Royalty Free Stock Photos for Any Use

    If you have a blog or website, and you need free photos for any use, such as personal or commercial use, look no further. Here is a great list of sites, one of which is bound to have the perfect royalty free photo for your needs.

    Find A Photo


    Search by recent, color, tag, source or your own term.




    Very high quality photos, organised in a grid. 10 new photos every 10 days.




    Search by new, popular, or your own term. 10 new photos per day.




    Over 410,000 free photos. Search by editors choice, categories, Photographers and your own terms.