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Complete Guide to Watching Sports Online with HD Streaming


First of all, this guide was posted originally on /r/rugbyunion wiki by user RodzillaPT. All credit goes to him.

He is a rugby fan in Brazil who can’t watch rugby as it is often not shown on local TV.

You can use this guide to watch almost any sport online – Premier league football, rugby, NFL, NBA, NHL, you name it!

Acestream is a P2P application so I would advise you use a VPN, my recommendation is Cyberghost VPN. You can currently get 70% off by purchasing 12 months for $21/€14.99, regular price is $69.99/€49.99

Streaming HD Sports Online with Torrents – The Complete Guide

So, the way to a good stream is not through flash streams on website. The proper way is torrenting streams.

  1. First, you’ve got to download your client. I’m not aware of other softwares, perhaps they are out there, but I use AcePlayer.
  2. After you’ve downloaded and installed it, head to the windows toolbar (1). Right click on (2), and pick ‘options’ (3).
  3. Set the main settings somewhat like this. The live buffer time is a real important deal. I think most guides will tell you to use 10, but I like to go with 30. This time is very important. You see, these streams are really high quality. usually ranging from 900kbps to 2000kbps. If you have a bad peak on the internet and a low buffer time, it might stutter and the fun is ruined. Using a high timer like 30 seconds in a buffer, allows for a bigger margin of error. Play with numbers and pick the one that seems the best to you.
  4. After that, pick ‘advanced’, just like the picture shows you.
  5. In this last screen, try to leave it somewhat like this. Ok in both screens and close the settings.
  6. The software is ready to be used. Now, we need to find us a stream. The site Wizwig does a great job at that. Not only they display browser streams, but they also display AceStream streams. They also state the bitratio of each stream, helping you to pick the best without trial and error. The site also syncs with your timezone, so you don’t have to do weird math to find out when each match will be.
  7. Everyday, the available matches for that day will be displayed in this screen. Today (Sunday night) there are no Rugby Streams available so they show none. For the sake of teaching, I’ll be using another sport.
  8. Not many matches on right now, so I headed over to the Live Sports section and started to look for a match. I got lucky with a NHL match, so I clicked ‘Live’. (please, take notice that the site clock is synched with mine).
  9. The match screen. It shows a couple of streams for the match, the channel that’s being streamed and their bitrate. I pick the AceStream one. the top link. The bottom one leads to some russian weird stuff. 4000kbps is way too much for me to handle (Damn Norwegians and your top quality internet!), but let’s open it anyway (I’ve never seen a 4000kbps Rugby stream. so, this most likely won’t be a problem).
  10. After I click on “Play Now!”, a blank page appears.Please look at the url. This page will activate the AcePlayer,which will start buffering as soon as it’s open. If it doesn’t, something is off. Worry not. If your match is about to start, don’t try any harder. You can open the AcePlayer yourself, press ctrl + T, and add the Stream ID manually. The ID is basically the blank page URL without the “acestream://” bit.
  11. After a couple of seconds buffering, your match will be on. If everything is fine, and your internet cooperates, you’ll be able to enjoy a stutterless match in pretty good quality.

Please, be aware of this:

  • This won’t be available for every match, but it’s always worth the shot. There has been some regular broadcast of Super Rugby matches, at least. I’ve watched the Rebels x Crusaders match on a 900kbps stream. I’ve also watched a couple of Six Nations matches in it.
Use Acestream Securely
Acestream involves using peer-to-peer (P2P) services. Sometimes these are in a legal grey area depending on your geographic location.
I recommend using Cyberghost VPN to use Acestream securely (disclosure: affiliate link. If you liked this guide and found it useful, consider using this link to sign up!)
You can read about their privacy policies here and a further review here. You can use them on your mobile devices and use their worldwide servers to unblock geo-locked content from different countries.

How to Download Youtube Videos for Mac

Complete Guide to Downloading Youtube Videos for Mac and Linux


download youtube mac

Note: Guide for downloading Youtube videos for Windows coming soon!

This is the complete guide to downloading videos, playlists and music from Youtube, without using any dodgy websites or crap-filled Youtube downloader software. This easy to follow guide will show you how to download to your heart’s desire- for free!

I wrote this guide to steer people away from frustrations trying to download Youtube videos. I myself once used a Greasemonkey script for my video downloads, but unfortunately when Youtube’s interface was updated it broke the script, never to work again. This utility we are using today completely removes all these types of headaches.

We are using a free utility called Youtube-dl. This fantastic piece of software is complete free and open-source, ad-free, downloads videos, music and playlists from Youtube and is constantly updated by an amazing team of volunteers.

Step 1: Download and Install Youtube-dl

Go to the youtube-dl site.

Ok, time to open your Terminal, don’t be alarmed!

open terminal mac in spotlight

Open Terminal by pressing Cmd+Spacebar (by default on Mac), search for ‘Terminal’ in Spotlight, then press Enter when you find it.

download youtube-dl command line

In Terminal, copy this entire command into your Terminal window, then hit Enter:

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

You will be prompted to enter your Mac password for your account (same one as when you login). Do so now. This command downloads the required Youtube-dl files.

Next, copy and paste this entire command and hit Enter again:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

Once again, enter your password if prompted. This command changes file permissions so we are ready to continue to the fun part.

Step 2: How to Download Youtube Videos on Mac

Ok, now for the fun bit!

Let’s download a video! I am a fan of American Psycho, so let’s download the American Psycho Business Card Scene.

how to download youtube videos youtube-dl mac

Copy and paste the following command and hit Enter:

youtube-dl ""

downloading youtube video youtube-dl

You see this screen when the video is downloading.

And that’s it for downloading a video from Youtube!! Simple huh?

Just remember to copy and paste the following command into your Terminal to download video files:

youtube-dl "<video link>"

Step 3: How to Download Youtube Mp3

Copy and paste the following command to download a files as an mp3 file from Youtube:

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <video link>

Added Bonus: Download from many different video sites!

Despite it’s name, youtube-dl supports downloads from many different websites. Use the same commands as above!


So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this easy to follow guide to downloading Youtube videos on your Mac.

Guide to downloading Youtube on Windows coming soon!

Guide to Live Streaming Sports in HD