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Buy US Real Estate via Ethereum Blockchain

Traditionally, real estate is seen as a trustworthy, reliable, and relatively safe asset to invest in. However, one major downside has always been the time consuming, one-off nature of each deal, the large amount of paperwork involved, and the fact that where you live might exclude you from investing in the best deals- for example, if you wish to invest in US property as a non-US resident, that might prove difficult.

Enter RealT (disclosure: affiliate link). This is a new twist on the REIT (real estate investment trust) idea, opening up investments in US residential real estate to almost anyone, anywhere, via blockchain technology.

RealT Website

Each property in the RealT portfolio is tokenized via the Ethereum blockchain, so when you claim tokens, they are uniquely yours in your Ethereum wallet.

Additionally, you receive rent either via xDai (a token pegged to the USD) or Ether, or you can even reinvest your rental return into another property in the RealT portfolio, further compounding your passive income returns.

The yields are quite attractive, with many deals offering 10%, 11% or even upwards of 12% estimated annual yields. Of course, this isn’t a guaranteed yield, rather an estimate of future returns.

At the time of publication, RealT offered Section 8 housing, where the rent is paid by the government, which is as close to a sure thing as you can get in terms of a guaranteed cash flow on your property investment.

If you wish to gain exposure to US residential property and earn a solid return, and you like the idea of a quick and painless signup process and an easy payment process via trustless blockchain technology, head over to RealT (disclosure: affiliate link) and start investing in real estate with a credit card payment or with cryptocurrency. You can start investing with as little as $50 or so!

New Website Project: Amped Cycling!

parked bicycles

One of the noticeable trends I’ve noticed in the past few years, particularly in this strange, locked-down time we live in, is an uptick in cycling. Cycling is cheap, it’s healthy, and it allows us to avoid unnecessary contact with others in an enclosed train or bus. So it’s no surprise that it’s becoming more and more popular.

I’ve been cycling to work for about two years, and in that time I’ve noticed much more people getting on bikes, particularly ebikes.

Therefore, I’ve decided to launch a new project, called Amped Cycling. It’s a site that will focus on bike commuting with electric bikes, with reviews, accessories and lots of fun content. I’m really excited to share some trends that I’ve noticed- such as it’s it possible to go shopping with a child, buy the groceries for three people, all without a car? How can you manage cycling to the office, in all weather, while minimising sweating?

Come along for the ride! See you soon at Amped Cycling!


Streaming Safely and Hassle-Free – Useful Software, Tools and Tutorials

In order to use online streaming safely, and to reduce the hassle involved, I’ve compiled a list of useful resources for you.

Streaming Tip - Stay Safe and Unlock Geo-Restrictions

Acestream involves using peer-to-peer (P2P) services. Sometimes these are in a legal grey area depending on your geographic location. You should never use free VPN proxies, especially Chrome/Firefox addons.

I use NordVPN (disclosure: affiliate link, please consider using this link if you find this guide useful, thank you!) More information regarding how they keep your data private from their FAQ.

Using a VPN also allows you to stream from sites that are restricted to certain countries (geo-unblock sites like the BBC, RugbyPass and so on).

Reddit Table Formatting Helper

Do you get confused when you wish to have a nicely formatted table in a Reddit comment or a text post? This happens to me semi-frequently, so much so that I made a simple Google sheet to fix the problem once and for all.

You can find the sheet at the following link, along with instructions on how to use it. You’ll never get stuck remembering the correct formatting for a Reddit table again:

Reddit Table Formatting Helper

Rugby Live Streams – The Best Free and Premium Rugby Streaming Sites

In no particular order, here is a list of free and premium rugby streaming sites.

Rugbypass [Link]

Rugbypass is a premium rugby streaming service, offered in many Asian countries.

$7.99 weekly / $19.99 monthly / $159.99 yearly

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Six Nations, The Rugby Championship, June & November Internationals, Super Rugby, European Champions Cup, Aviva Premiership, Mitre10 Cup, Currie Cup, selected matches from the Pro14 and Top14

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere

Dazn [Link]

Dazn is a relative newcomer to the world of sports streaming. It’s a legal service that broadcasts many sports, including rugby union.

€9.99 per month

Germany, Austria, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Canada and Japan.

Rugby 7s tournaments, 6 Nations, Rugby World Cup, Aviva Premiership. Updates here, regarding countries where it’s available.

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere


Streaming Tip - Stay Safe and Unlock Geo-Restrictions
You should never use free proxies, especially Chrome/Firefox addons . I use NordVPN (disclosure: affiliate link, please consider using this link if you find this guide useful, thank you!) More information regarding how they keep your data private from their FAQ. Using a VPN also allows you to stream from sites that are restricted to certain countries (geo-unblock).

BBC iPlayer [Link]



6 Nations, some international games

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere

ITV Player [Link]



6 Nations, Rugby World Cup

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere

Channel 4 [Link]



Some internationals

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere

TV Catchup [Link]



Stream BBC and ITV for free, outside the UK. Watch any game that BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV 1 or ITV 2 is broadcasting.

S4C [Link]


Welsh channel, showing Pro14

UK, perhaps more, details here. Also available on TV catchup, see above.

Premier Sports [Link]

£9.99 per month


Information on rugby union coverage here

Geo unblock

NowTV [Link]

NowTV is the official online streaming service from Sky Sports UK. They are quite expensive, recommend looking at other options before them.

£7.99 per day / £12.99 per week / £33.99 per month / 10 month Sky Sports Season Ticket for £179 (Limited time)

UK (You can also watch in Europe, according to the site)

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere

RTE Player [Link]



6 Nations, Rugby World Cup

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere

TV3 Ireland [Link]



TG4 Ireland [Link]

Irish language channel




EirSport (Ireland) [Link]

Available with broadband package/separate, additional premium package with Sky TV Ireland

Ireland, discussion here

Guinness PRO14, Champions Cup Rugby, 2019 Rugby World Cup, Gallagher Premiership Rugby

Geo unblock - watch from anywhere

World Rugby – Official Website [Link]



Tournaments: U20 Rugby World Cup, World Rugby Nations Cup, other less well-known tournaments


Streaming Tip - Stay Safe and Unlock Geo-Restrictions
You should never use free proxies, especially Chrome/Firefox addons .

I use NordVPN (disclosure: affiliate link, please consider using this link if you find this guide useful, thank you!) More information regarding how they keep your data private from their FAQ.

Using a VPN also allows you to stream from sites that are restricted to certain countries (geo-unblock).


Useful Software, Tools and Tutorials

Easiest Way to Sell Bitcoin to PayPal

guide-on-how-to-sell-bitcoin-to-paypalSell Bitcoin to PayPal? How is this possible?

This is the complete guide to selling your Bitcoin to PayPal with 15% markup and converting your Bitcoins to USD or local currency in your PayPal account.

There are other guides showing how to sell Bitcoins to PayPal, but none of them discuss how to sell at a 15% markup to the current market price of Bitcoin.

This is a great method of cashing out from:

  • Coinbase to PayPal
  • Gdax to PayPal
  • Poloniex to PayPal
  • Kraken to PayPal
  • Offline cold storage wallet to Paypal
  • Bitcoin to bank account – via PayPal

Guide Summary

  1. Go to xCoins
  2. Open an account
  3. Link your xCoins account to PayPal wallet and select your settings for buyers.
  4. Transfer your Bitcoin to your xCoins wallet
  5. Wait for your Bitcoin to be sold – 100% automated by the xCoins, and completely secure
  6. Receive USD or local currency from the Bitcoin sale into your PayPal account

You can then use the funds in your PayPal account as usual, for online purchases or cash out to your bank account.

Steps 1-3 take perhaps 15-20 minutes to complete. Steps 4 -6 are completely automated.

 1. Go to xCoins

xCoins describes itself as a secured P2P Bitcoin lending service. It’s more accurate to describe it as a place to sell Bitcoin at a markup (from the sellers’ point of view)

2. Open an account

Click “sign up” on the top right hand corner:


Fill out your name, email, agree to terms of use and confirm that you’re not a robot:


Copy and paste the email confirmation code, sent to your inbox:


Enter “3fscfw” into the promotional code box (optional):


Enter a password:


Select your country (and state, if necessary):


Enter a phone number.  This is used to confirm withdrawals for security reasons. It’s a very important feature to protect your Bitcoin balance:


3. Link your xCoins account to PayPal wallet and select your settings for buyers.

Select “Lend Bitcoin” in the main menu. Click the green plus icon:


Enter your email address that you use with your PayPal account:


You may need to verify this in your email inbox.

4. Transfer your Bitcoin to your xCoins wallet

Move your mouse cursor over “My Wallet” in the menu, and click “Deposit Bitcoin”. Copy the wallet address (long string of text):


Go to your Bitcoin wallet – you may have Bitcoin at an exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex or an offline wallet on a computer or USB drive. Send a small amount of Bitcoin first to the address you just copied from above, to test that everything works correctly! When the first transaction shows up in the xCoins wallet, feel free to deposit as much as you like.

Note: due to the delays currently being experienced on the Bitcoin blockchain, the deposit will likely take at least 30-40 minutes to appear in your xCoins wallet. This is nothing to do with xCoins, it affects all users of the Bitcoin blockchain. Don’t worry, it will arrive eventually.

Next, you need adjust the settings which affect what kinds of buyers can actually purchase your Bitcoin. Below is a screenshot with my settings, feel free to adjust according to your own risk appetite. Be aware that Rating refers to the number of times a buyer has used xCoins – so 1 = 1 first time buyer (higher potential for PayPal disputes or chargebacks), 2 = second time buyer (much lower risk), and so on.


Steps 5 and 6 – waiting for your Bitcoin to be sold and receiving USD or local currency from the Bitcoin sale into your PayPal account are completely automated.

That’s it! You can also use xCoins to continuously earn passive income with Bitcoin.

How to Export Passwords from Lastpass to KeeWeb or KeePass

I recently became interested in switching away from Lastpass , a password manager that is very convenient, but has some drawbacks for me, for several reasons.

My Requirements

I wanted a password manager that would allow me to:

  • use iOS as well as my desktop PC
  • Utilise an open source project
  • Control where the file containing the list of passwords was stored.

With KeeWeb, you can store locally or in cloud storage like Dropbox or google Drive.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, getting your account names, usernames and passwords out of Lastpass and into KeeWeb is a somewhat complicated process. This guide helps you through this process, step by step.

The Solution

The process involves: exporting the data from Lastpass, cleansing the data in Excel, importing the clean data into KeePass (a free windows password utility), saving the data in a format that KeeWeb recognises, and finally importing the data into KeeWeb.

Step by Step: Cleaning the exported Lastpass data and importing to KeeWeb

According to this help file [], your information must be in this format:

“Account”,”Login Name”,”Password”,”Web Site”,”Comments”

  1. Go into lastpass vault, select export, enter password. Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and save as lastpass.txt.
  2. Open Excel. Data tab, From text, select the new text file you just created. Separate by commas, you should see the data split neatly into columns.
  3. Next step is to clean the data. Rename Sheet1 excel tab to “Original Export” and rename Sheet2 to “Clean Export”. We will use Sheet2 to create clean data that KeePass (the utility we use as an intermediate step) will recognise.
  4. Hide all columns except the “url” column
  5. In the cell next to the “url” cell, type in “Valid HTML?” (in my case, cell number H1) and enter this forumla in the cell below it: =(IF(LEFT(A2,4)=”http”,”Y”,”N”)) Drag this formula down the list of URLs, until you come to a point in the spreadsheet where none of the cells in the URL column start with “http” (this is the export of your Lastpass secure notes). With the list of cells still selected, go to the white box on the top left (to the left of the formula bar) where it states the current cell/range, double click it, and type “validTest”. This will quickly allow us to reference this range. This forumla will detect the cells where the value starts of doesn’t start with “http”. This allows us to quickly find the cells where the exported data is in a format that KeePass won’t recognise.
  6. In the cell next to “Valid Html?” type “Non valid count:” (Cell I1 in my case) and in the cell next to that, type “=COUNTIF(validTest,”N”)”. this quickly counts the number of non-valid urls from our overall list.
  7. With the list of cells still highlighted, go to Home tab> Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules > Equal To > type in “N” (with quotes) and for formatting select “Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text”. This highlights all the broken links in red for us.
  8. On the numbered left column, click row 1, to highlight all the cells. Select Data tab > Filter.
  9. In the column headed by “Valid HTML”, click the dropdown arrow and select only the “Y” checkbox, click OK.
  10. Unhide all the columns
  11. In the “Cleaned Export” sheet, name cells A1-E1 “Account”,”Login Name”,”Password”,”Web Site”,”Comments” respectively.
  12. The order of the columns is different in Lastpass to what KeePass expects. This is the order in Lastpass exported file: url, username, password, extra, name. In case it’s not clear Account=name, Login Name=username, Password=password, Web Site =url, comments=extra. Copy all the (filtered and valid) data from the original sheet to the cleaned sheet. Make sure that you don’t change the order of the rows. Make sure to sort the data into the correct column!
  13. Now Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C all the clean data in the sheet. Open notepad, paste in the text. File> Save As> “lastpass_clean1.csv”. In the file type, select all files.

To be continued…

Bitcoin Trading Bots

Large list of open source and commercial Bitcoin/Altcoin trading bots.

Open source projects



Bitcoin Arbitrage


Rolling bot

Lucky horse

Gekko | Youtube Explainer


Coinbase Orders

Hosted VersionGitHub (self hosted version)BitcoinTalk Thread

Web Site – BitcoinTalk


BitcoinTalk – GitHub

This is an opensource c# trading tool.

R2CT – The Round-Robin Cryptsy Trader


Gekko – a javascript trading bot for nodejs



GitHub – User Manual 

GoxTool can be used with a variety of “strategy” scripts for automated trading

Portfolio Rebalancing Strategy (


prof7bit’s stoploss (optionally trailing stop)


DonaBit’s improved version of prof7bit’s stop loss

GitHub – BitcoinTalk

Aido’s Improved version of prof7bit’s stoploss – Sells Full BTC Balance


piramida’s range trading bot



gweedo’s ‘Open Source bitcoin trading bot’


HAL 10K – PHP Open source Trading bot


Haasonline Simple Trade Bot

WebsiteLitecoin Forum – BitcoinTalk



LiquidBot is a Market Liquidity providing bot for MtGox.

PHP-BTC-e Arbitrage Bot (MadAlpha)





BitcoinTalk Thread


HN Discussion


Academic Research

Trading Psychology – Books to Read
Live Price Data
Historical Data

Generate a 15% Return with Bitcoin in Minutes. Free strategy guide.