Buy US Real Estate via Ethereum Blockchain

Traditionally, real estate is seen as a trustworthy, reliable, and relatively safe asset to invest in. However, one major downside has always been the time consuming, one-off nature of each deal, the large amount of paperwork involved, and the fact that where you live might exclude you from investing in the best deals- for example, if you wish to invest in US property as a non-US resident, that might prove difficult.

Enter RealT (disclosure: affiliate link). This is a new twist on the REIT (real estate investment trust) idea, opening up investments in US residential real estate to almost anyone, anywhere, via blockchain technology.

RealT Website

Each property in the RealT portfolio is tokenized via the Ethereum blockchain, so when you claim tokens, they are uniquely yours in your Ethereum wallet.

Additionally, you receive rent either via xDai (a token pegged to the USD) or Ether, or you can even reinvest your rental return into another property in the RealT portfolio, further compounding your passive income returns.

The yields are quite attractive, with many deals offering 10%, 11% or even upwards of 12% estimated annual yields. Of course, this isn’t a guaranteed yield, rather an estimate of future returns.

At the time of publication, RealT offered Section 8 housing, where the rent is paid by the government, which is as close to a sure thing as you can get in terms of a guaranteed cash flow on your property investment.

If you wish to gain exposure to US residential property and earn a solid return, and you like the idea of a quick and painless signup process and an easy payment process via trustless blockchain technology, head over to RealT (disclosure: affiliate link) and start investing in real estate with a credit card payment or with cryptocurrency. You can start investing with as little as $50 or so!